A great leader knows to manage things with their headbut lead people with their heart.
 To do that well takes courage, and the heart of a lion! 

Partnering for Your Success!
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Whether you are part of a small, family-owned business or a large corporate entity, you can trust us to meet your unique needs. 

With more than a decade of training design and delivery experience, we stand ready and eager to partner with you to discern your needs and to provide effective solutions. 

We are your 'go-to partner' for your learning, leadership and organization development needs!
What Sets Us Apart...
You've heard the expression, "If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right!" Your OD project or L&D initiative is clearly important, but is it Strategically Aligned and Supported?  Too often, the honest answer is NO, and the impact of your efforts is decidedly disappointing as a result.

Let us help you how to evaluate your organization's culture and readiness, and create a proper 'learnscape' that is fully aligned to your organization's systems and wholly supported by those in leadership!

The difference is positively powerful!

  • High Impact Leadership Program Development
  • Competency and Talent Assessment and Development
  • Training that Sticks! Design and Delivery
  • Performance Coaching and Intervention
  • ​Teambuilding with a Purpose!
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LionHeart Consulting LLC ® 
What We Do Best!
We have been where you are! We know the challenges you face and how to work through them.

We are innately innovative and progressive, yet grounded in reality.

We understand the impact of organizational culture, priorities and politics, and stand ready to help you navigate them effectively.

We are as comfortable in the boardroom as we are on the shop floor, so we can flex to meet your training needs across all levels, functions and businesses.

We take a disciplined approach to optimizing the impact of our services to you and your organization.
Proud recipient of a benchmark for unsurpassed impact from a Leadership Development Program from Center for Creative Leadership!  
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