A great leader knows to manage things with their headbut lead people with their heart.
 To do that well takes courage, and the heart of a lion! 

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ALIGN for Impact!
Few HR professionals have escaped the disappointment of a less than stellar outcome from an initiative that was deemed 'strategic.'  Despite copious amounts of hours, energy and even dollars, the long awaited launch proves to be more of a flash in the pan than a guiding flare that drives behaviors and produces results. 

How can that be? The project was adequately resourced, properly sponsored and generally well managed. All of the defined objectives for the project were met or exceeded. How is it possible then that the initiative failed to get results? 

The short answer lies in the failure to recognize the impact of culture and readiness, the assumption of support and strategic alignment. The solution: Create a proper learnscape and align for results! 

Assessing Culture and Readiness 
Strategic Alignment and Support
Creating a 'Learnscape'
Our simple yet effective Organization Systems Diagnosis process will identify causes of cultural resistance and areas where readiness indicates a need for a different approach.
Our Organization Systems Design tool will produce a customized plan based on your unique Organization System Diagnosis, as well as the organizational norms and systems that will serve to foster or impede progress toward objectives.
Every learning initiative requires the right climate where new skills and competencies can grow. Much like planting new seeds, when the soil is tilled and fed, the result is richer and more fruitful. Our benchmarked 'learnscapes' will ensure that your initiatives have the very best chance of bring about the expected the ROI!

Whether you need to gain buy-in and integrated support for a program or simply need to ensure skill adoption and accountability, we can show you how to do it!
Ask us about our signature high impact learning designs!: 

SequenTRIal Design for Learners 
ConSequenTRIal Design for Supervisors

Combined they produce results that exceed even your high expectations!
Saying doesn't make it so...In reality, for any training initiative to truly produce sustainable value, the learning design must factor in five distinct organizational systems that must be aligned to drive results!