A great leader knows to manage things with their headbut lead people with their heart.
 To do that well takes courage, and the heart of a lion! 

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Sissy McKee, CPLP
About LionHeart Consulting LLC
A word from LionHeart’s Founder…

My name is Sissy McKee and I am proud to tell you how LionHeart Consulting came to be.

First, let me say that I am one lucky lady! I have worked within Learning, Leadership and Organization Development over my career; often acting as architect of programs that yielded a true competitive advantage. Along the way, I found my ‘sweet spot’ – training program design and delivery! I train individuals to be better, teams to be more effective, and leaders to inspire excellence in those they lead. The cadre of professionals who work with me are quite simply the best.

My ‘claim to fame’ (if I have one;) is related to my work in leadership development. My love affair with leadership development began when I was charged with developing a strong leadership pipeline for a large global organization. I answered the call by helping the organization adopt a differentiated talent development strategy, and developed programs targeted to high potential, high performing employees; earning a benchmark in High Impact Leadership Development from the Center for Creative Leadership!

The overwhelming success of those initiatives can be attributed in part to critical organizational and culture alignment - which I am proud to say, is my specialty! With expertise in adult learning, organizational systems and strategic alignment, I am driven to provide fully integrated solutions. My innate passion for developing people and organizations is central to each and every service I provide!

And, that brings us to you…I formed LionHeart to serve your needs. I know the challenges you face of doing more with less. I am ready and eager to augment your constrained resources. I am excited to be your ‘go-to’ training partner!

Sissy earned a business management degree from Western Connecticut State University, where she earned the prestigious Henry Barnard Scholarship for academic excellence. She earned and has maintained her distinction as an ASTD Certified Professional of Learning and Performance since 2007.
We deliver fully integrated solutions that yield a true competitive advantage!
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